The arts are essential in building vital communities. Meaningful arts programming has the power to connect us as a society and revitalize us as individuals. Art plays a fundamental role in a well-rounded educational system as well as a prospering economy. Communities that integrate art into their culture posses a universal language with which to interpret the past and envision the future. Central Jersey has an incredibly rich and diverse cultural landscape. CJAC ensures communities have access to everything this region has to offer.

Located at the Blazing Star Cultural Arts Center, 63 Carteret Avenue.

Battle of the Bands : Call for artists

We’re Back, calling all artists and performers! Looking for an opportunity to showcase your music? Here’s your chance! Carteret is holding a music festival during the annual Ethnic Day and Charity Carnival Celebration September 15th – 18th leading up to the Artist Competition on Sunday.

Register Here 

Carteret Community Chorus

Join The Adult Carteret Community Chorus!

The Chorus meets for rehearsals every Tuesday Nights to prep for the Holidays, Showcase to follow!

Ages 17+, seeking Tenors, Baritones & Bass.

Animation Premiere

Thursday 8/25

5:00 PM

Join the Central Jersey Arts Council featuring Cleos Studios in the showcase of the Animation 101 workshop! The students spent their two days creating their notable short films through Stop Motion Studios, followed by the premiere of Cleos Studios short animation film Train of Thought!

It is located at the Blazing Start Cultural Arts Center, 63 Carteret Avenue, Carteret, New Jersey 07008. Doors Open at 4:30 PM, and the student film starts at 5:00 PM.

Fim-Makers Club

Welcome to the Central Jersey Arts Council: Film-Makers Club. The club welcomes all aspiring artists ages 14 and up interested in script writing, storyboarding, acting, filming, and editing. As members develop each production from pre-production to post-production, they can showcase their work, analyze and go into the following short film they wish to film. 

For August, creative meetings & workshops will be held on Fridays from 3: 00 PM to 5:00 PM. Subject to change as the school year begins.

The Arts Committee: Volunteer Recruitment

We are calling out to all art, music & culture lovers! Be part of a community that encourages the ability to do what you love, inspires the next generation to build a better tomorrow, and provides programs, events & workshops to our community.

Gain community service hours for college applications.

Help bring the arts & culture to the community.

Create programs for different age groups.

Game Night!

Join us for a night of Jack Box Party Pack 8; bring your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Ipad to play! No apps are needed.

Enjoy a night of laughter, deception, and nail-biting spin.

Rated T: Teen

Game Night is also available for those who wish to bring their set-up to play (gaming consoles, magic, or board games.)